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Owning  a home with a swimming pool is every person's dream.  To keep it sparkling make sure that you clean it more often.  This is why it is important that you follow the pool maintenance guide so that you can ensure that your pool is safe and clean.  Take your time to clean your pool so that it can sparkle and look neat.  This process includes the water balance, the circulation, filtration and along with sanitation.  Confirm the water levels and observe the pool water chemistry, which should be done at least two times during the summer season and at least once during the winters.  The steps and the guidelines on how you maintain the pool are found in the pool maintenance guide book.  The wall and the tiles of your swimming pool have to be well scrubbed.  If you do this on time it save you a lot of time as the Algae will not have formed and you will also be able to save on the huge maintenance cost for your swimming pool  The formation of the algae is normally on the wall of the pool and the stairs, and so they have to be well scrubbed.  The maintenance process including replacing all the broken drains and the equipment for the filtration.  When you do this; water flows nicely.  Sometimes the suction pump can be damaged, and this has also to be checked.  The Suction problem can be noticed when air bubbles start to form in your pool.  Get the suction pump checked so that it does not destroy the pump. 


The PH Levels should range between 7.2 to about 7.6.

After the heavy rains and storms clean your swimming pool. Clean the filters so that they are not clogged and dirty. 


Pests should not be allowed in the swimming pool because their waste causes the algae to grow in the swimming pool.  People should also be encouraged to shower before they enter the pool so that you can maintain the proper hygiene and also the general cleanliness.  By using the swimming pool guidelines book, you will be able to follow the right steps to clean and maintain your swimming pool


If you can identify the cracks problem on time, it can be fixed so that you can avoid major repair jobs as time goes by without the small crack being repaired.  Trapping your swimming pool  helps you to remove any unwanted materials.